Episode 3, PD on Demand, Your Front Row Seat!

First Ever

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  1. I thought you and your readers might be interested in the upcoming
    National Distance Learning Week and my interview of the NDLW National
    Chair, Dr. Ken Hartman on my podcast:


    Also, see NDLW: http://www.ndlw.org

    I’m glad I discovered your podcast. We seem to have some of the same interests.


    Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
    Jefferson Medical College
    Thomas Jefferson University

  2. Kathy and Mark-

    Loved the podcast, and I am hoping that others find it valuable too. Looks like you both continue to be busy with your travels and speaking.

    Dueling digital recorders…got to love it, and it was a pleasure joining you in sunny CA and meeting you both in person. Thank you for the opportunity…

  3. Thanks Rodney- I will check it out- I greatly appreciate having such talented colleagues who also are creating materials who can use together.
    Thank you for broadening the circle of resources for PD!

  4. Hey Joselyn- Yes Mark did take a fantastic photo of dueling digital recorders- He captured the spirit of that conference, didn’t we?
    Thank you for being such a valued expert on our panel- I hope you spread the word to all your connections that they can now hear you on the NEW Generation of Mark and Kathy’s podcast!
    Teachers Podcast. You deserve the recognition for all the work you do with the students.
    Thanks again for being part our podcast participating family (The TTP Family) Joselyn, for being a longtime fan and esteemed colleague!
    ahhh gee ;) we love our listeners
    Dr KPK

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