Episode 6 New Literacies Makes the NEWS! Show Me the Money, Tech Knowledge Product Review (SRA)

New Literacies! New ways of being literate with plenty of teaching and student resources!

What more could we want for a feature-packed and fabulous episode?

Live from the Media Literacy Capital of the world! Welcome to the digital era, literate beings! And PLEASE help Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus! :)

This week The Teachers Podcast covers a raft of items focusing and reflecting on the ways reading, literacy (and learning and teaching aimed at them) are ever evolving in the face of proliferating digital technology and the way it changes human intellectual activity!!!


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  • Next episode look for much news from the Teachers’ Podcast Family mailbag- much to catchup on!- we have had lots of good news coming in from around the world! Thank you!

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