Episode 7- Voices of the World – The Power of Social Networking

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  1. Mark & Kathy

    OK….. what is the link to VOCKEY (spelling) website?


  2. Hey Russ,
    Thanks for writing in!
    Great to hear from you,
    At the bottom of the show notes you will see the URL for Voki: http://www.voki.com/

    Very best
    Kathy and Mark

  3. Good morning from wed and windy Scotland. Tried to leave a message via ‘My Chingo’ but the record button would not activate so here I am instead.

    Thank you both for highlighting Voices Of The World on your show. It is great to hear the different persectives of the project as people view it in their own eyes.

    Back in June 2007 when I had one of those moments of ‘I have a idea’ and my husband goes ‘here we go again’ I thought I could unite children together through their voice rather than the written or typed word. In today’s society the voice as a means of communication with others around the world was being taken over by text due to it being easier and in a standardised format.

    The other niggle at the back of m head was how we tend to use ‘English’ to communicate where we expect others to speak our language and not theirs. This is fine as a means of communicating but are we showing an appreciation for all those wonderful languages around the world?

    Voices Of The World was therefore born with the aim to unite children together with the voice using simple themes and technology. How this was going to be done took a little taught with the outcome simplicity, visual and specific guidelines being put together.

    I therefore created the teachers’ network (http://onevoice.ning.com) first to share and collaborate with others and also leave this area as an open forum for others to view or participate. Each month new members are joining the project far above the number I initially expected.

    At the beginning I was looking for one school from each country around the world and was facd with the dilema when another Scottish School joined in. Should I not let them join as I had a school from Scotland? The answer was simple, they had to join as not only were we now looking at different language but also dialects and accents which you can’t get in a written or typed word.

    So although a huge emphasise at the start was on the voice and still is there are many more outcomes. Collaboration on a grand scale where time or place are not an issue, being part of a global project with one to many rather than the normal one-to-one of many of my ‘bear exchange’ projects (http://e-bears.blogspot.com/) which have there place and are a fantastic way to learn about another country in more depth.

    Finally, VOTW enables others to learn about new technologies available in schools that are free on the web. By showing an example of how to use a free tool successfully in the classroom through the project and share with the world, teachers can look past the technology and look at the learning objectives rather than the skill to use the technology.

    VOTW is only the start of a true globalised project. Watch this space as I have more ideas up my sleeve to share ways to embrace technology.


  4. Thanks so much Sharon-
    We greatly appreciate hearing from you AND so much appreciate what you have provided to the global community of learning through your work.
    Thanks for reaching out to us through The Teachers’ Podcast blogspace.
    Virtually yours,
    Kathy King and Mark Gura
    Co-hosts of The Teachers’ Podcast

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