Episode 9 Adult Learning and Professional Development

Adult Learning in the Very Adult World of Teacher Professional Development

As requested by listeners, this episode of The Teachers Podcast focuses on Adult Learning and particularly approaching professional development for teachers through the philosophy and practices developed by the Adult Learning community. As always, we present a raft of news articles (this week covering stories from Alabama to Japan, Britain, and beyond) – Ed-Tech you can use today and every day.

From the TTP e-mail inbox some listener input:


  1. Kathy and Mark- Great podcast. I have often thought that the litmus test for a teacher entering an undergraduate teachers’ ed program might be to somehow evaluate one’s willingness to be a lifelong adult learner. Do teachers need to be some of our most proficient, ardent learners? I think so.

    Cheers, and Kathy, glad the pain pump is pumping. Hope you are both well. – Joselyn

  2. Thanks Joselyn
    We appreciate your comments! Glad you enjoyed this episode as well.

    Educators who are vibrant learners will be terrific teachers! Their excitement about learning is contagious-
    Students perceive true values easily- they see through falsehood/shams don’t they??

    I approach teacher education with an emphasis on creating opportunities where teacher ed students and teachers discover that their reflections about their learning experiences are the foundation of their insights for teaching.
    Isn’t that a large part of from which our philosophy of education grows?

    The bionic professor,
    Kathy 8-)

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