Ep 15 Moving Target of Technology for 2008- Podcast Contest Announced

2008 Classroom Device Excitement

The New Generation of Student Laptops!

Best Education Podcast Contest Announced!

A Block Buster Trend!

In this episode news about HP

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  1. [...] In depth look at a mobile device in the classroom The teachermate is a handheld computer, like a Nintendo Gameboy or a Sony PSP, and they have been in use in Chicago public school classrooms for the past school year. The Teachers’ Podcast did a review of the device last month. [...]

  2. Kathy, Mark, great job on this website and the podcasts you both create. I commute (drive) once a month between San Francisco and Los Angeles and on this last trip I listened to a couple of your podcasts. I am very interested in the role technology can play in education and I try to listen to all of the different podcasts on this subject. I find yours to be one of the best. Keep up the good work!

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