Ep 16 Ed Tech: Dream and Believe – Learn and Achieve

NOW for something completely different!

Welcome to a specially recorded “podcast for broadcast” version of Mark and Kathy’s keynote presentation for Technology Teacher Professional Day

Dream and Believe – Learn and Achieve is the theme of this episode

SPECIAL FEATURE: Be sure to view the PowerPoint that accompanies this podcast. Watch the PDF version of this presentation while you listen! TTPOD-16-PDF-Companion-by-TTPOD


Starting with quotes from Shaw, Cervantes, and King, we cover the gamut of perspectives and possibilities. Join us as we share key resources, insights and suggestions with teachers around the world! Fabulous announcements in this episode include the launch of Talking Financial Literacy Podcast (www.talkingfinlit.org), further details about the 3rd Annual Best Educational Podcast Contest, AND a Teacher’s Podcast focus group on the topic of Talking Financial Literacy at ISTE NECC 2008- (June 30-July 2) Specific times, day and location to be announced— stay tuned for details a this blog.


Originally prepared as a video conferenced remote presentation to the teachers of Palliser Regional Schools, as part of their first district wide professional development day on the integration of Technology, this content was re-recorded for this episode.

Resources mentioned in the presentation:

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