Ep 19 The Art and Design of Living and Learning 2.0

Join us in The Garden Studio of Teacher’s Podcast for this

Resource- and News-Packed Episode.

Kathy and Mark gather on a hot summer day to share advances in podcasting, art and technology for our schools exclusively for their podcast audience. You are the first to learn that McGraw-Hill Education has partnered with us to sponsor our 3rd annual Podcast contest in order to recognize teacher achievement and provide tremendous prizes for our winners.


Virtual schools and virtualization also top our discussion as examine current trends and advances in technology for school implementation and reach.

Then the focus turns to opportunities for Art and Design in the world of Web 2.0 and how it reaches into the lives of learners and learning in ways we never could have before. Mark shares insight from his newest book- and we are the first to get the inside look of this newest ISTE publication: released just this week.

Welcome back to the revolution in teaching and learning with the Teachers’ Podcast

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  1. I just checked out BitStrips. It’s very cool. I noticed that one has to be 14 to join up, so it limits its usefulness for schools.

  2. HI Peter-
    Great to hear from you in Australia! Glad you like Bitstrips.
    Good information about the minimum age requirement. Yes it will limit application of this particular tool for the younger grades, but keep in mind compulsory education serves learners 14-18 by law and many schools have adult literacy programs as well.

    Indeed today it is wise to provide age restrictions for Internet resources, as in this case browsing the content of Bitstrips website might surface content not appropriate for 8 year olds.

    Thanks again for the feedback and for listening.
    Mark and Kathy

  3. Hello Kathy and Gura, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  4. Thank you for your help!

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