Ep. 24 Back to School Special

Mark and Kathy are back with a Back to School Special covering critical topics from teacBack-to-schoolher well-being to meaningful learning! Check in for this episode as we discuss the invasion of the mini laptops and what it means for classroom instruction. Also you will be surprised at the insights Kathy shares about low tech and hi tech approaches to preserving your sanity this coming school year. Rounding out the episode is a great resource that will start our listing of web-based resources to bring the USA presentational election issues and race into your classroom. Check out this episode- The Low Down on Mini Laptops, Learning, and Elections!



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  1. Mark and Kathy:
    Hi. You are my first official podcast that I have listened to. I am working on second master’s degree (first one in mathmatics with a concentration in mathematics and pedgaogy, second one in educational administration for my +32 hours). I am taking the Data Management with Dr. Tom Grissom, Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Grissom is exposing us to lots of new technology. I always thought I was pretty good with technology (Smart board, computer software, Microsoft Office), but I was not interested in online resources beyond content stuff or email. My daughters are the social online people. Anyway, Dr. Grissom is requiring us to listen, review three podcasts and discuss them on our Blackboard.
    I enjoyed your podcast very much. It reminded me of a “mom and pops” radio show. My husband and I were involved in radio back in college in the mid 1970s. So, to me, a podcast is a digitally recorded radio program.
    I chose this particular podcast because the mini-laptops are interesting to me. I want to know more about their capabilities and comparison to regular size laptops. Mark referred to those as business type laptops.
    Mark’s “digital campfire” metaphor is excellent. It makes me want to grab a marshmallow and rethink how I could use technology more effectively. Kathy’s comment “technology will fuel what you want to accomplish” makes me think as well. My alma mater has as part of its mission statement transformation of character in a Christian context and has not embraced online learning. Your podcast helps me see how chapels could be podcast, profs’ lectures could be podcast, professorts could require students to blog about readings, etc. I think that technology could enhance and reach students in new ways. Thank you.
    I am the secondary math resource person for my school district and we just did a math adoption. We wanted every math teacher in grades 6-12 to have an LCD projector and document camera in their classroom to generate math discourse and allow their students to explain and justify their strategies to each other. Now you are making me think of how podcasts could generate interest and engagement for our students both in listening mode and even better in creating podcasts.
    Thank you very much.

  2. For your information see our InkMedia versions of mini-computers.
    We have three versions of computers including a touch screen.

    One of the major interests is convergence with telcos and M-Education and M-Banking especially in Africa

    We are focused on developing nations.
    Link to the Gerry Morgan Foundation in Kenya and Thailand

    Glenn McKnight, Director of Operations or InkMedia Computers

  3. BTW
    You mentioned the Portuguese Government announcement from the CBC News
    It is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News

    UK has a similar strategy to provide laptops to every student.etc
    We expect huge growth

  4. Thanks for the revision Glenn!
    We count on our listeners to help us chase down errors when they happen


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