Ep 33: Tech for Educators – Update from FETC, Fin Lit, Otters, and That’s Not Cool!


Episode Tech for Educators provides a whirlwind of tools and ideas for teachers using technology for all their many needs.

From Blackberry adoption to cases which prevent screen breakage, Internet safety which students will be interested in, to Smithsonian virtual items and Financial Literacy, join Mark and Kathy as they demonstrate so many technology solutions to match curricular and teaching and learning needs.

This episode also includes a brief review of FETC 2009 . And who is looking for grants? Mr Gates is giving them! AND Adobe wants to give your students prizes. Check out Sharon (from Florida) favorite podcast!

Join us we include a Re-Cap of Major Educational Technology Conferences!

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!


  • Talking Financial Literacy Podcast
    • www.talkingfinlit.org
    • Bringing resources and information to teachers
    • More PD form Mark and Kathy!
    • Financial Literacy Education – what is it.. how to learn it.. how to help our students!
    • Funded by The McGraw-Hill Companies



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