Ep 35 Digital Media-Devices aka Take Out or Home Cooked Media?

The first TTPOD theme show: Is it Take Out or Home Cooked Media?kindle

This episode provides a vast array of ready to use and “digest”

digital media and resources and also tools for brewing your own!

Do you need Kindle or Kindling for that? (sorry)

From the hotter than hot Kindle ver 2 review, to our good pal elmo, the favorite teacher ed tech classroom tool, to $20 laptops, 10 podcasts good to go and use NOW, student produced broadcasts and much more.

Topping off the show is a fabulous conversation about the ASCD blog topic, Curse of the Digitally Illiterate. Not only is it a good topic, but the educational community is demonstrating the power of blogging and producing great insights for us to develop and understand this issue form different perspectives.

Join us we include a Re-Cap of Current

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