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October 01, 2007

Episode 2 – Pushing the Paradigm

Posted in: Ed Tech, Episodes, Kathy King, Mark Gura, Product Review

Episode 2 – Pushing the Paradigm

Today’s educational landscape ranges from slow to die 19th Century schoolhouse rituals to true 21st Century skills-based practices. This episode charts some of that territory, planting flags in particularly fertile soil and marking minefields to avoid. Mark and Kathy continue their celebration of those who explore and colonize the new world of an education fully aligned with digital technology and its resources and applications for learning and teaching.

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Among those people, programs, and resources presented this week are:

News Items for Professional Reflection:

  • Trend Watching ARTICLE From: Education Week

“Competition Heating Up Around the Globe for Low-cost Computers”

“U.S. company creates robot boy named Zeno”
Article from: China View

Also see the following posts @ www.classroomrobotics.blogspot.com
1. Robo Boy Back in the News Today! (Sept. 13)
2. Meet “RoboKid” (Sept. 5)

  • “A War of Words” Article: T.H.E. Journal


  • “A Hideout All Their Own” Article: T.H.E. Journal


  • “Back to School 2.0″ Article: MSNBD.com


Product Review:

  • Ongoing review of the Microsoft ZUNE


Recommended Resources:

  • “N.Y. Times eliminates most fees for online access”

Article: International Herald Tribune

  • Brilliant Video Explanation of RSS (from the user’s point of view)

“RSS in Plain English” http://www.commoncraft.com/rss_plain_english
(from CommonCraft, a producer/provider that offers more of this type of resource) http://www.commoncraft.com/

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