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December 17, 2008

Ep 31 Podcasting for Teachers THE BOOK

Posted in: 21st Century Learning, Ed Tech, Episodes, Kathy King, Mark Gura, Newsflash, PD, Product Review, podcasting


It’s here – New-Improved-Updated-Supercharged for Teaching-and-Learning Power- Podcasting for Teachers SECOND edition. Kathy and Mark provide a behind the scenes view of the revision of the book, along with not to be missed news about what is included in the news edition. Whether you use ready made podcasts in your classrooms, are ready to being making podcasts or already an expert, listen in as the authors/hosts discuss how the book has emerged and provides much more guidance and direction than a technical how to book.

Replete with examples and stories of how this book has grown out of practical development of podcasting pedagogy by two experienced educators, Kathy and Mark share classroom applications you can use across grade levels.

The 2nd edition improves on the 2006 edition, now having been improved by classroom use in many schools, benefited from student and teacher recommendations, and additional resource selections. Join in the celebration of digital media power for 21st century teaching and learning.


New edition of Podcasting for Teachers

NOW available!

Podcasting for Teachers Revised 2nd Edition
Using a New Technology to Revolutionize Teaching and Learning

Kathleen King and Mark Gura

What you will find in this revised and updated edition?
New for this edition are valuable additional insights and updates related to our additional years of experience in podcasting and new media. Critical updated URLs, screen shots, software comparisons, data, some fresh new curricular examples, and included references to our new series, The Teachers

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