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March 31, 2009

Ep 36 Digital Catchup and 21st Century Learning Debate

Posted in: 21st Century Learning, Ed Tech, Episodes, Financial Literacy, Kathy King, Language and Literacy, Mark Gura, On The Road, Photos, adult learning

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!

Join us for an exciting episode full of technology experiences, trends and debates! What’s more Kathy and Mark provide an update on their travels around the globe and share insights about culture, technology, language learning and Mardi Gras in Mexico. An exciting debate about 21st Century Learning tops off the show with Kathy explaining how some career and technical schools demonstrate this model so well today. How many conference do you think we can name in a single show? This episode might beat them all!

Upcoming Events Not To BE MISSEDNCEA

  • Dr. Kathy King will present a session at NCEA in Anaheim CA

“Podcasting for Every Teacher!” (NCEA Session 1138)
April 14, 2009

NCEA Conference: http://ncea.org/events/NCEAConventionCentral.asp
NCEA program: http://ncea.org/UserFiles/File/Convention/Final-Program-2009.pdf


  • Mark Gura will be presenting an ISTE Webinar

“Using Technology to Make Every Classroom an Art Classroom”

April 22, 2009
ISTE Webinar Link

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!
Short Takes

  • Twitter used to develop second-graders’ writing skills
    • Students in two Maine elementary schools have been exchanging messages through the social-networking Web site Twitter. Teachers say the exercise, which began about one month ago, was initiated to help students develop their writing skills by exchanging messages that must be 140 characters or less. The Providence Journal (R.I.)/The Associated Press (free registration) (3/11)


  • Japanese robot teacher no substitute for human educators
    • A primary-school class in Japan is being taught by a robot that can express six emotions, take class rolls, assign basic tasks and speak several languages. The robot is controlled by a human, and is not expected to replace human teachers. Read more about this development! MSNBC/The Associated Press (3/11) , Gizmodo (3/10)
  • Podcast Trumps Lecture in One College Study
    • Those who viewed a lecture from iTunes University out-performed those who attended the lecture and listened in person according to a new survey . eSchool News, March 6, 2008

Feature Discussion

Backers of “21st-Century Skills” Take Flak
Are 21st century skills new critical learning standards or are they the “same old” with a new name? Several scholars debate The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Education Week, March 4, 2009

Conference Links and Photos

hotel- dining room

Hotel “Dining room” Mes

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