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March 17, 2008

Short Spring Break!

Posted in: Episodes, Kathy King, Mark Gura, Newsflash, On The Road

Kathy and Mark had to take a short spring break in production

We will be back next week for our next episode!

This is your chance to catch up on prior episodes

Kathy has been hosting a women’s literacy conference in New York City ( www.litwomen.org/conference.html) and speaking at Oakland University in Rochester MI for their faculty technology conference.

Hey Mark, shouldn’t we be sitting in the sun somewhere? TTPOD-facebook

Let’s find a virtual island and enjoy the rays (with sun protection of course)!

Your choice, a Second Life excursion or better yet- Catch up with the conversation at Teachers Podcast Face Book group- Have you joined yet?

Catch us back here at Teachers Podcast on 3/24/08

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