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September 14, 2008

Ep. 25 Science and Art Education, PLUS Spore and XO2

Posted in: 21st Century Learning, Ed Tech, Episodes, Gaming, Information Literacy, Kathy King, Mark Gura, PD, Product Review, STEM, art education, podcasting

“From the Science and Art Capital of the World,” The Teachers Podcast brings you a controversial and resource filled episode! Spore tmMark plays with Kathy in this episode from fungi to virtual drop-in guests, who knows what is happening next? From MP3 players discoveries and resources straight from Kathy’s flea market excursions, to the release of XO2 tablet? We have a whole range of perspectives and experiences on technology and education around the world to share.

Join Kathy and Mark for controversy, learning and excitement in the 25th episode of this series as we cover the landscape of technology to serve learning needs in Science and Art. Terrific articles that speak to 21st century learning needs and the connection to the great grandchild of SimCity- Spore.

Mark has to help Kathy through the fear of mold to conquer this topic but we discover the power of computer-based simulations. Are you using them? Have you seen them? Check in here to see if you agree with your TTPOD dynamic duo.

Then a surprise visit — Mark leads 2 virtual guests into the studio … who could they be?

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