Christina Gabbitas (Author): Safeguarding Through Writing

In this episode, Claire talks to Christina Gabbitas: an author, publisher and honorary member of the NSPCC council.

During the episode, Christina talks about how she uses her writing as a strategy to open up conversations about difficult safeguarding issues surrounding abuse and knife crime. She discusses her struggles with shyness as a child and how she channelled her childhood fears into writing to help a new generation.

Claire and Christina discuss the research she carried out in preparation for writing ‘Share Some Secrets’: a book surrounding speaking up about abuse. She explains the impact this book has had around the world and describes calls she has received from Norway, Australia, Switzerland and Singapore about the effects of the story on young children.

Christina also discusses her new book surrounding knife crime and how she was approached by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office to write about this issue. During her research, Christina contacted victims of knife crime and openly describes these real-life stories. She also discusses how her book explores the choices and consequences that children are faced with.

Touching upon safeguarding, Claire and Christina explore the struggles teachers face with this issue and how staff can broaden their perspectives. She offers advice and reassurance concentrating on the importance of having conversations and how learning from your own experiences is vital.