Ep 30 Educational Change and Virtual Opportunity

Join Kathy and

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Ep 29. Digital Video and Art Resources

The Power of Learning Celebrated

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Ep. 28: Virtual Schools Update: Reach for The Stars

A resource and vision episode for every teacher, staff developer and administrator in k-16 schools today and tomorrow!

distance learning

A resource filled and cutting edge episode about virtual schools. From Myth Busting to Standards and star gazing and everywhere beyond, Kathy reveals her expertise which has been hidden from the podcast listeners- she being a researcher, author and online educator for over 14 years. Kathy and Mark highlight several timely initiatives across k-12 schools regarding online learning and bring their keen educational sight to bear on this very pertinent topic.

Recent educational headlines and top notch articles are discussed , terrific resources and Distance Learning Myths are “Busted” in every direction to encourage Teachers Podcast listeners to step out into the world of online learning and incorporate learning management systems and online resources at their comfort level!

Also a special opportunity to participate in a study about teachers and students using podcasting in classrooms- read on for more information!

“Sometimes locking heads, but always with much laughter, the Teachers’ Podcast dynamic duo offers up a most substantial and entertaining episode to celebrate the REVOLUTION in teaching and learning.”


Dr. Kathy King

  • NOV 5- Penn State Harrisburgh- Look for Kathy at Penn State Unviersity- Harrisburg on Nov 5 at 7pm as she leads a seminar on podcasting and new media for the graduate faculty and students.
  • NOV 10, PHIL, PA- Also she will keynote the 2008 CAP /CAEL Conference in Philadelphia on Nov 10, before heading to
  • NOV 11-14 Denver, CO- AAACE and CPAE in Denver, CO (Nov 11-14) to conduct several sessions on new media and also adult learning/HR topics!

Mark Gura

  • Oct-Nov (2 weeks) – South East Asia! Mark is in the air and on the road in Vietnam and Cambodia for his annual international vacation and exploration excursion with his brother Abby.

Don’t be concerned the dynamic TTPOD hosts have prerecorded episodes to carry the listeners over the intervening weeks!

TTPOD Epsiode 28 Articles

  • On the way: Nation’s first tech-literacy exam
    Tech literacy to be added to Nation

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Ep. 27 Winners Announced and Content Creators Rule

Episode theme:

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Ep 26 3rd Anniversary Show: Joy of School and NEW MEDIA Power


Celebrating 3 years of professional development productions

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Ep. 25 Science and Art Education, PLUS Spore and XO2

“From the Science and Art Capital of the World,” The Teachers Podcast brings you a controversial and resource filled episode! Spore tmMark plays with Kathy in this episode from fungi to virtual drop-in guests, who knows what is happening next? From MP3 players discoveries and resources straight from Kathy’s flea market excursions, to the release of XO2 tablet? We have a whole range of perspectives and experiences on technology and education around the world to share.

Join Kathy and Mark for controversy, learning and excitement in the 25th episode of this series as we cover the landscape of technology to serve learning needs in Science and Art. Terrific articles that speak to 21st century learning needs and the connection to the great grandchild of SimCity- Spore.

Mark has to help Kathy through the fear of mold to conquer this topic but we discover the power of computer-based simulations. Are you using them? Have you seen them? Check in here to see if you agree with your TTPOD dynamic duo.

Then a surprise visit — Mark leads 2 virtual guests into the studio … who could they be?

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Ep. 24 Back to School Special

Mark and Kathy are back with a Back to School Special covering critical topics from teacBack-to-schoolher well-being to meaningful learning! Check in for this episode as we discuss the invasion of the mini laptops and what it means for classroom instruction. Also you will be surprised at the insights Kathy shares about low tech and hi tech approaches to preserving your sanity this coming school year. Rounding out the episode is a great resource that will start our listing of web-based resources to bring the USA presentational election issues and race into your classroom. Check out this episode- The Low Down on Mini Laptops, Learning, and Elections!



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Ep 23 Wii, Mii and Thii

Wii-Mii-Thii (c) NintendoJoin Kathy and Mark for the long awaited episode–the Wii gone wild..OK maybe not that wild,

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Ep. 22 – Still Glowing! PD Resources Abound: Interview with HotChalk

Bryan-Scanlon-Hotchalk.com Bryan Scanlon, HotChalk.com , dedicated educator and Vice President of Direct Sales joins Mark and Kathy for a “HOT” interview at NECC.

Taking time out of his demanding schedule at the foremost ed tech conference of the year, Bryan shares the rich resources perspective, expertise, philosophy and practice of this teacher resource with your Teachers’ Podcast hosts.


Announcements in this episode about 3rd Annual TTPOD Best Educational Podcast Contest- great prizes and extension to August 15, 2008!

Mailbag from the Teachers’ Podcast family of listeners and updates on Mark and Kathy’s summer teaching extravaganza!

Show notes shout outs from Teachers Podcast hosts to……

  • UEGE 5102 at Fordham GSE
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Short Summer Semester Break

Greetings Podcast Listening Family!


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