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By popular request via email, from our classes, and when we provide professional development and keynotes on podcasting or new media… here are some resources to assist in the “How To” aspects of Podcasting

Of course the complete reference is our popular Podcasting for Teaching book which explains and demonstrates educational applications to podcasting from concept, planning and delivery…

However, here is the “skinny” on selected up-to-date resources to help you in the details that you might face as you navigate your continuing work in this area!

Additional recommendations are of course welcome, and will be reviewed prior to their addition.

Recording Software

Audacity Tutorials, help files and resources

The manuals at the Audacity website itself
* Audacity 1.2 Tutorials from the official Audacity user’s manual.

( Just a note the set of resources listed in this section are from a compilation at http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Tutorials)

* Creative Commons logo Audacity Presentation for High School Level
-PowerPoint file, (PDF version)

* Using Audacity 1.3.4 with the JAWS screen reader for Windows - includes useful tips for the visually impaired (and others) who want to use Audacity without a mouse.

* “Audacity 101 slides” - PDF tutorial on all aspects of Audacity (1.2.4), including illustrations about setting up system sound on Windows and Linux.

* How to Record and Edit Audio with Audacity Includes information on microphones and configuring Audacity on Windows.

* Create your own podcast – a fine general tutorial on all stages from recording and editing to publishing on the web

* “60 Second Shakespeare” – bbc.co.uk video tutorials about using Audacity to edit the audio for short video or audio interpretations of Shakespeare.

* Reworking voice records

* How to Create BGM Loops with Audacity mixing two loops together in Audacity for background music in games

* Noise Removal in Audacity 1.2.x: Illustrated tutorial and Flash Video (13 minutes)

* A detailed illustrated tutorial for Mac users on transferring cassettes to CD using Audacity

* YouTube has a good selection of Audacity video tutorials including how to remove center-panned vocals , create binuaral beats and adjust for recording latency in Audacity Beta .

* Audacity 1.2 Tutorial by Dan Eliot – learn how to open and edit a WAV file, and save the result as an MP3.

* How to mix a multi-track project by Daniel James, including sample sound files.

* “Master your MP3s with Audacity” – CNET article about editing MP3 files for use in Web publishing, ringtones and podcasts.

More resources

Be cautious where you get “free” mp3 files from- they can be loaded with spyware, viruses and adware… I know these sources are reliable though…

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  1. Hello Nanci and all,
    unfortunately we do not offer podcast HOSTING for individuals. If you are interested in private account- which provides podcast support, blog host etc we can setup a contract for services.

    For simple self-service podcast hosting, check out podomatic.com, libsyn.com and switchpod.com as examples of inexpensive reliable solutions !

    We hope this resource page is helpful- tune into the podcast for more ed tech and podcasting ideas, and the book for complete guidance in educational podcasting

    Very best

  2. Hey Dr.King….appreciate your podcasting class last Mon / Tues in Albany opens up a whole new world for many things. Tanks for the info…..Jeff
    aka. Wii Bowler Dude with Bolo tie on awards night

  3. When I’m listening to the podcast on my iPhone I can scroll up and down through the show notes. I’m using GarageBand and wondering how you get those show notes in the image.

  4. Hi Chris

    I configure the id3 tags and I also include the description in the feed.xml file. That is how you get it to show up on the iPods also…

    Hope that helps. Our book has all the details http://www.teacherspodcast.org/the-book

    Are you a podcaster?

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