“Stories Involved with Black Boots and Moccasins”

“Stories Involved with Black Boots and Moccasins” Podcast Essay by David Herman Explores the Background and Legend of Moccasins

Podcast Essay Writing is a new genre of essay writing. A podcast episode is usually less than 45 minutes long, and students are not expected to research the topic nor to write original research. Students may be asked to read other essays in order to help them prepare for the podcast episode. In this article, I present some sample podcasts that helped me with my college course writing. Listen to this article, and find out what you can learn from the samples below.

“The Brothers Grimm” podcast episode “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” examined popular folkloric stories and legends surrounding Christmas. I particularly liked this podcast episode because it featured an analysis of popular stories from the Victorian era. The podcast discusses Christmas stories through the perspective of both humans and gods. Listen to the podcast episode to learn about some of the most popular Christmas tales from this time period.

“Books of Chalk” podcast essay examines a unique form of ancient messaging. In this episode, author David Herman analyzes how ancient messages were passed on from person to person. Mr. Herman used four different forms of writing in his podcast essay. He uses a song, a poem, a video guide, and a voice-over recording. Listen to the podcast episode to see how Mr. Herman describes each form of writing. In addition to using different mediums, he used a combination of all three in this essay.

“The Witch’s Pupil” podcast episode “The Tradition of Ancient Europe” explores folklore from various European countries. This podcast examines some of the more colorful figures from early Europe. The podcast discusses common themes such as weddings, childbirth, chivalry, honor, and faith.

“Fargo’s Petroglyphs” podcast essay explores North Dakota Native American heritage and culture. Mr. David Herman uses drawings from an oral tradition to explain the oral traditions surrounding petroglyphs. The podcast describes the petroglyphs along with descriptions of their significance.

“Cultural Insights” podcast essay examines ancient traditions and customs. Podcast host David Herman uses video guides to explain historical and cultural situations. Mr. Herman describes how the Mayans built their houses. He explains the significance behind the drawings and their relation to the Incan language. The video guide also shows how the houses of the Mayans were built. The video guide explains how the Mayan architecture relates tooglyphs.

“Stories Involved With Black Boots and Moccasins” podcast episode Mr. Herman discusses the history of moccasins with an ancient Native American heritage. The podcast explores how moccasins came to be, the origin of the leather from which they are made, how the moccasin was first crafted, the beliefs surrounding moccasins and how they are used today. Mr. Herman describes the symbolism that is involved in using moccasins. The podcast also covers the legends involving black boots and moccasins.

“Stories Involved With Black Boots and Moccasins” podcast essay describes how the early Native American cultures created stories around the use of moccasins. The story describes how the leather was crafted and why it was reserved for the elderly and disabled. The podcast describes the legends surrounding black boots and moccasins and how these stories tie in to the early Native American cultures.

“Stories Involved with Black Boots and Moccasins” podcast essay by David Herman details the beliefs surrounding the use of moccasins among the Native Americans. The podcast explores how the American Indians would go into a specific area in the winter to hunt small animals like squirrels and hares. The animal would be skinned and prepared for the winter by covering it with thick hide to protect it from the bitter weather outside. Moccasins would then be used as boots to protect the feet from falling snow. The podcast explores how moccasins are linked to the Blackfoot tribe of Native American Indians.

“Stories Involved with Black Boots and Moccasins” podcast essay by David Herman describes how the Blackfoot Indians used moccasins as a means to stay warm during the bitter winter months. The podcast discusses how many of the hardships that were faced by the early Native Americans were caused by the shortage of warm clothing. The podcast explores how the Blackfoot tribe was forced to use moccasins during these trying times as they were able to keep warm with their thick coats of fur. The podcast explores how the use of moccasins helped the Blackfoot tribe survive harsh winters.

“Stories Involved with Black Boots and Moccasins” podcast essay by David Herman discusses how the Blackfoot Indians used the animals they hunted for warmth during the colder months of the year. The podcast explores how the Native Americans’ only source of heat during these seasons were the creatures they killed with their moccasins. The podcast presents evidence that the animals they killed would often re-animate as a spirit that would take on the form of an animal due to its likeness to the dead creature. The podcast essay helps explain the basis of the legendary tale of Black Death.