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Welcome to the dawn of a new generation…The Teacher’s Podcast.

This is A New Generation of Educational Technology PD for Educators.

Join us for the podcast and then visit resources and past episodes here on the website.

This podcast series is brought to you by Dr. Kathy King and Mark Gura.

The first episode of this new series was “broadcast” in Sept. 2007. However we are building upon a successful legacy of 3 years podcasting as “Podcast for Teachers”.

With 130 hours of podcasting and many years serving the educational community in innovative ways behind us, we promise to continue to provide a lot of entertainment, learning, and resources!

Take the TTPOD Challenge- 3.5 million listeners cannot be wrong!

Listen to an episode and tell us what you think- right here in the blog space.

The Teacher’s Podcast

….. Welcome to the Revolution …. the new generation of ed tech PD…. don’t miss out on it!

For prior renditions of our podcasting contributions to ed tech pd don’t miss out on the the resources archived at www.podcastforteachers.org

The best is yet to come, welcome to The Teachers’ Podcast!

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  1. Please visit the Educational Insights with Steve Decker podcast page. Educational Insights is a program intended to promote and enhance educational methods and instructional practices. Professional educators, aspiring teachers as well as parents, will hopefully be inspired by the program content. Listeners are also encouraged to contact the host, therefore building relationships within the educational community.

  2. HI Steve
    Very good of you to stop by and visit. We are pleased to provide additional resource connections to our Teachers’ Podcast family.

    Others feel free to please share your information with us as well. We will review it and be pleased to can continue to build these global communities.

    Very Best
    Dr Kathy King and Mark Gura

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