Ep 40 Digital Texts Rock- Part 1


RESOURCES and Items Mentioned in this Episode!

Another 2-part episode begins with Episode 40 of The Teachers Podcast. This episode is packed with free resources and more discussion related to the realities of budget crunches. But Mark and Kathy spin to the positive side! Join us for a full slate of ed tech resources to reinvigorate your classrooms and your professional learning!

Bing, Google Wave, Facebook transformations?

How about

  • a new search engine
  • new forms and dimensions of communication on the horizon
  • history in the making talking to your class!
  • personalized facebook and tools to escalate twitter to greater educational opportunities?
  • digital texts, free texts, free audio texts , more educational audio sources??

Resources include a detailed comparison of free resources to maximize your educational reach using social media! This is a set of episodes that promise to open new visions of thinking, and approach for your summer school, summer excursions and revitalization. Make us the center of YOUR Ed Tech Universe: www.teacherspodcast.org.

A new generation of EdTech professional development.

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Short Takes

  • Soldier’s blog teaches Kentucky sixth-graders about Afghanistan
    Aaron Connor is serving near Ghazni City, Afghanistan, with the Illinois National Guard.

  • Microsoft
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  1. With all the social media sites out there, where are all the sites for teachers? I know there are some Ning sites available but they are so fragmented and lack the features that teachers need. I am working on Applebatch.com which is an online teacher community that helps teachers connect with other educational professionals to find teaching resources and job openings. Our site is completely free to educators so if you are looking for a social networking site specific to teachers check us out. We would also love to participate on the podcast sometime. If you are interested we can discuss our product and where we are going with future releases. We want feedback from all the leading Educational Bloggers so that we can design the best product for our users. If you have any feedback don’t hesitate to send it my way. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. Is Applebactch.com uniquely for US teachers or does the platform also include an international circuit?

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