Ep 45: Prime Time for Virtual Learning, Part 2


It’s here! Part 2 of this special set of episodes on Virtual Learning! In August 2009, major headlines heralded the advancement of distance learning over traditional formats. Breaking the deadlocked perspective of “no significant difference,” these reports may finally provide students of all ages with more convenient an

d flexible learning. Join Kathy and Mark as they discuss the breakthroughs in distance learning aka virtual learning.

Also in this episode much needed catch up on Kathy’s world tour- from China to Tennesse

e to Poconos Paradise! And upcoming event announcements to catch up with Kathy at some conferences she is speaking at October and November 2009 (see below)

You need to join in for this episode to get fired up about the really simple, ways to use web 2.0 and distance learning strategies for all your classes. Come on in, the water is warm and inviting!

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