Ep 39 Webinar Powersurge PART 2 Free Webinar Resources, for Classes and Virtual

videoconf img from DIMDIM.com

RESOURCES and Items Mentioned in this Episode!

The 2nd installment of a resource packed 2-part episode which provides teaching resources, debates for

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Ep 38 Webinar Powersurge PART 1 TwitterMania and Virtual Education

RESOURCES and Items Mentioned in this Episode!

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Ep 37 When for Web 2.0.. Resources, Debates..Solutions

RESOURCES and Items Mentioned in this Episode!

A fabulous episode with scores of possibilities for web 2.0 in teaching and learning, what are the issues and the realities? Hot news from the USA and UK! The U.K. is considering including blogging, tweeting, and podcasting in the elementary school curriculum? Say it isn’t so? Listen in to the debate! Is it what you expect or not? Free resources include a tremendous learning tool- DimDim. Listen as Kathy describes a seminar she did with local and distant participants connected through the free webconference service! Don’t miss this episode It is full of must hear information and great resources.

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Ep 36 Digital Catchup and 21st Century Learning Debate

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!

Join us for an exciting episode full of technology experiences, trends and debates! What’s more Kathy and Mark provide an update on their travels around the globe and share insights about culture, technology, language learning and Mardi Gras in Mexico. An exciting debate about 21st Century Learning tops off the show with Kathy explaining how some career and technical schools demonstrate this model so well today. How many conference do you think we can name in a single show? This episode might beat them all!

Upcoming Events Not To BE MISSEDNCEA

  • Dr. Kathy King will present a session at NCEA in Anaheim CA

“Podcasting for Every Teacher!” (NCEA Session 1138)
April 14, 2009

NCEA Conference: http://ncea.org/events/NCEAConventionCentral.asp
NCEA program: http://ncea.org/UserFiles/File/Convention/Final-Program-2009.pdf


  • Mark Gura will be presenting an ISTE Webinar

“Using Technology to Make Every Classroom an Art Classroom”

April 22, 2009
ISTE Webinar Link

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!
Short Takes

  • Twitter used to develop second-graders’ writing skills
    • Students in two Maine elementary schools have been exchanging messages through the social-networking Web site Twitter. Teachers say the exercise, which began about one month ago, was initiated to help students develop their writing skills by exchanging messages that must be 140 characters or less. The Providence Journal (R.I.)/The Associated Press (free registration) (3/11)


  • Japanese robot teacher no substitute for human educators
    • A primary-school class in Japan is being taught by a robot that can express six emotions, take class rolls, assign basic tasks and speak several languages. The robot is controlled by a human, and is not expected to replace human teachers. Read more about this development! MSNBC/The Associated Press (3/11) , Gizmodo (3/10)
  • Podcast Trumps Lecture in One College Study
    • Those who viewed a lecture from iTunes University out-performed those who attended the lecture and listened in person according to a new survey . eSchool News, March 6, 2008

Feature Discussion

Backers of “21st-Century Skills” Take Flak
Are 21st century skills new critical learning standards or are they the “same old” with a new name? Several scholars debate The Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Education Week, March 4, 2009

Conference Links and Photos

hotel- dining room

Hotel “Dining room” Mes

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Ep 35 Digital Media-Devices aka Take Out or Home Cooked Media?

The first TTPOD theme show: Is it Take Out or Home Cooked Media?kindle

This episode provides a vast array of ready to use and “digest”

digital media and resources and also tools for brewing your own!

Do you need Kindle or Kindling for that? (sorry)

From the hotter than hot Kindle ver 2 review, to our good pal elmo, the favorite teacher ed tech classroom tool, to $20 laptops, 10 podcasts good to go and use NOW, student produced broadcasts and much more.

Topping off the show is a fabulous conversation about the ASCD blog topic, Curse of the Digitally Illiterate. Not only is it a good topic, but the educational community is demonstrating the power of blogging and producing great insights for us to develop and understand this issue form different perspectives.

Join us we include a Re-Cap of Current

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Ep 34 TCEA Research, Robotics and More


Fresh from the invigorating excitement of Texas Computers in Education Association’s Conference in Austin, TX, breezes in with a plethora of new developments, resources and surprise interview from the floor of the exhibit hall. Don’t miss this episode from listener shout outs and letters, to

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Ep 33: Tech for Educators – Update from FETC, Fin Lit, Otters, and That’s Not Cool!


Episode Tech for Educators provides a whirlwind of tools and ideas for teachers using technology for all their many needs.

From Blackberry adoption to cases which prevent screen breakage, Internet safety which students will be interested in, to Smithsonian virtual items and Financial Literacy, join Mark and Kathy as they demonstrate so many technology solutions to match curricular and teaching and learning needs.

This episode also includes a brief review of FETC 2009 . And who is looking for grants? Mr Gates is giving them! AND Adobe wants to give your students prizes. Check out Sharon (from Florida) favorite podcast!

Join us we include a Re-Cap of Major Educational Technology Conferences!

RESOURCES and Items mentioned in this Episode!


  • Talking Financial Literacy Podcast
    • www.talkingfinlit.org
    • Bringing resources and information to teachers
    • More PD form Mark and Kathy!
    • Financial Literacy Education – what is it.. how to learn it.. how to help our students!
    • Funded by The McGraw-Hill Companies



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Ep 32 Inauguration and The Road Ahead for 2009 and Pres. Obama

Start the new year with Vision and Direction from TTPODWeb 2.0 Savvy article

Launching the new year Kathy and Mark share opportunities, resources and insights for educational technology across grades and content ares.

Sharing their travels, interactions with teachers and school leaders, as well as incorporating headlines from educational and national news, this episode is a great boost offering vision and action for teachers, instructional technology staff, staff developers and all educators.

There are many opportunities for producing change from appointments of US Secretary of Education, to the new budgets and surplus plans, join us as we examine the potential for our classrooms, schools and learners!

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Happy Holidays

happynyWe hope you have a wonderful holiday season and look forward to bringing you another year of inspiration and support from the Teacher’s Podcast.

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Ep 31 Podcasting for Teachers THE BOOK


It’s here – New-Improved-Updated-Supercharged for Teaching-and-Learning Power- Podcasting for Teachers SECOND edition. Kathy and Mark provide a behind the scenes view of the revision of the book, along with not to be missed news about what is included in the news edition. Whether you use ready made podcasts in your classrooms, are ready to being making podcasts or already an expert, listen in as the authors/hosts discuss how the book has emerged and provides much more guidance and direction than a technical how to book.

Replete with examples and stories of how this book has grown out of practical development of podcasting pedagogy by two experienced educators, Kathy and Mark share classroom applications you can use across grade levels.

The 2nd edition improves on the 2006 edition, now having been improved by classroom use in many schools, benefited from student and teacher recommendations, and additional resource selections. Join in the celebration of digital media power for 21st century teaching and learning.


New edition of Podcasting for Teachers

NOW available!

Podcasting for Teachers Revised 2nd Edition
Using a New Technology to Revolutionize Teaching and Learning

Kathleen King and Mark Gura

What you will find in this revised and updated edition?
New for this edition are valuable additional insights and updates related to our additional years of experience in podcasting and new media. Critical updated URLs, screen shots, software comparisons, data, some fresh new curricular examples, and included references to our new series, The Teachers

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